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The Hate U Give Review

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas


  1. The CHARACTERS – they were all so well explored with their own unique quirks, faults and charms that made me really enjoy going along on their journey with them. Shout out to Chris for being such a good boyfriend??? Even if it was pretty obvious he was only there to show that there actually are compassionate white people out there, he really was so sweet and supportive.
  2. It wasn’t preachy!!! – To be honest, when I first picked up the book I thought it would just be the usual sermons on the evils of racial discrimination (which of course are very legitimate), but Angie Thomas made everything feel so real on how momentously it could impact someone’s life. It was a difficult topic to face, and anytime something dISgusTInG would happen it made me want to PUNCH SOMEONE >:(

On top of all this, ‘The Hate U Give’ made me realise that segregation towards African American people is very relevant to today. I think I’m not alone in thinking that movements are mainly things that we learn in history and from To Kill a Mockingbird (which I’m learning now). But I learnt a lot about gang culture, police brutality and bigotry that is a huge issue today. Basically this book is so IMPORTANT and INCREDIBLY POWERFUL.

Angie Thomas wrote in her author’s note “As we witness injustice, prejudice and racism rear their ugly heads again in this political climate both in the US and abroad, I think it’s even more important to let young people know that they aren’t alone in their frustration, fear, anger and sadness. We must also provide glimmers of light in the midst of the darkness. I hope I’ve done that.”

I had the privilege of seeing Angie Thomas talk at the YA Keynote for the Melbourne Writers’ Festival this year (AAAAAAHHHHHHH). She discussed subject matters such as activism, racism and justice, their place in society and how we could be a part of it. It was incredibly inspiring and she was also so nice and funny!! I love it when authors exceed your expectations when you meet them <3

I think I’m willing to go as far as to say that this book is the BEST BOOK I HAVE READ THIS YEAR (so far). If you haven’t read it yet all I’m going to say, is that you better get on to it!!!

A solid 5/5

Sidenote: Currently being filmed for a MOVIE!!! Starring the amazing Amandla Stenberg as the protagonist, Starr J

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29th Jan, 18